What We Do


National and international artists, managements and tour organisers choose System Provider GmbH for preparing and realising their projects, events and tours (musicals / shows / theaters).

Our Services

  • All-inclusive tour productions for any hall size and well-nigh any budget

  • Set/light/sound design, personnel, organisational and technical logistics

  • Technical adaptation of international original versions of a stage production to European venues

  • 150 to 70.000 people as audience? We will be glad to help you implement your idea, from the technical coordination to the artistic realisation, by all available means

Tour consulting

Both international and national tour productions must conform to different conditions in different countries. System Provider GmbH accompanies these tours in their preparation, adaptation and realisation.

Regardless of whether it is a national tour in your own country, an oversea production in Europe or an European production overseas. Our services include:

Our Services

  • Creation of the stage setup for the respective production

  • CAD planning

  • Procurement of technical material (additional systems / pre-rigging / complete equipment)

  • Provision and procurement of qualified personnel

  • Provision of catering services for staff and artists

  • Organisation of local personnel and material transportation

  • Procurement of machines and equipment (fork lift trucks / cranes / work platforms)

  • Completion of the official authorization processes (registration / assessment procedure / laser / pyrotechnics)

  • Coordination between the scheduled production and the venues, authorities, etc.

  • Budget preparation and controlling

Local productions

Local promoters in Austria and Germany choose System Provider GmbH for the local realisation of their scheduled productions in the German-speaking area. It is about creating the basic conditions for a smooth-running performance.

Regardless of whether it is about an international stadium show or a small-scale event, our services include:

Our Services

  • Advice on the adaptation of the tour production to national systems and theater culture

  • Creation of standard stage setups and adaptations to the venues

  • CAD planning

  • Procurement of technical material (complete equipment or single components)

  • Provision and procurement of qualified personnel

  • Transport, personnel and logistics

  • Coordination between the production and the local partners (local production companies/ venues)

  • Budget preparation and controlling

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